Badminton and Squash Courts Hire


The Sports Centre has two squash courts which can be booked for 40 minute sessions, the squash courts can be used for squash, racquetball and table tennis and can be booked up to one week in advance.

We offer a squash membership which costs £20 per year and allows you to book courts up to two weeks in advance and gives you discount on court bookings.

We also run a squash league, if you are interested in joining this please contact the Sports Centre.

PRICES (40 min sessions)




Our standard size Badminton Courts can accommodate up to 4 people playing badminton per court. Courts can be booked for 1 hour sessions. Individual courts can also be used for various activities such as sparring, karate and basketball. Curtains can be used to separate areas to allow you your own personal space and privacy when doing sports other than badminton.

PRICES (1 hour sessions*)

6pm – close, Mon – Thurs

5pm Mon – Thurs
all day Fri – Sun

*1 hour session includes five minutes set-up time

Please note: Badminton courts can also be set up and used to play Short Tennis.

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